Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds

2018 NSS Convention


Montana's first NSS convention is scheduled to occur in our state capital, Helena, July 30th - August 3rd and boy are we excited! Attendees can plan to arrive at our beautifully scenic and historic 30-acre campround, just at the edge of town, starting on Saturday, July 28th. Our main event center, Capital High School, is just 2 miles down the road! You can look forward to:

     -Amazing Presentations from Cave Explorations Across the World
     -Academic Presentations from Some of Cavings Most Renowned Scientists
     -Dozens of Hands-On Caving Workshops
     -Caving Gear Vendors with all the Newest Gear
     -Connecting with Cavers from Across the Globe
     -Selling Your Old Gear, or Buying Someone Else's at the Caver Consginment
     -Exquisite Cave Art Salons
     -Two Nights of Campground Parties and a Campground Dinner
     -A Formal Dinner and Awards Banquet
     -Dozens of Caving (and a few canyoneering) Trips
     -and so much more!

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