Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds


Tyzen - Master Hypnotist

Tyzen is a Comedy Hypnotist/Magician who is very quickly making his way to the top with his hilarious and unique show. He has a background in the performing arts of over 20 years. With this experience he delivers one of the smoothest and electrifying comedy performances out there.

Keith Raymond - Magician

When magician Keith Raymond takes the stage, you never know exactly what’s going to happen… and that’s just the way he likes it. Things appear and disappear, mysteries abound, and most importantly, people laugh and have a great time.  It’s all part of the crazy world of magic.

Come see Keith Raymond doing what he does best…the impossible!

Roberto the Magnificent

Captivating audiences for more than two decades, Robert Stuverud (a.k.a. Roberto the Magnificent) is recognized as one of the nation's most unique variety acts performing throughout the USA. Robert learned to juggle and unicycle at age 11, within four years he was awarded a silver medal at the World Juggling Championships. Since then Robert has accumulated more than two decades of experience performing for live audiences...

The Animal Cracker Conspiracy

Animal Cracker Conspiracy (ACC) was founded by Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn who joined forces to bring their love of puppetry and performance to audiences of all ages in 2006 and have now been wowing audiences for over a decade. Their shared interest and investigation of where fine art, puppetry, performance art, physical theater, and mixed media intersect is a continued source of inspiration for their work. They are known for their ability to collaborate as well as the quality of performers they work with. People will be talking about their charming and audacious characters for years to come.

Steve the Balloon Guy

Steven Rosen better known as "The Balloon Guy", is a professional balloon artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada but travels the country to various events and theme parks. He has had a life long love of all things in the realm of entertainment and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making people smile. This professional balloon artist thrives on performing the best show for his audience possible.

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